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It is an absolute pleasure to have you visit my website. Be sure to take a good look around. For my readers head to the Books and News section for all of the latest tidbits-bits relating to my novels. For those established and aspiring authors, be sure to check out my Blog, which will feature the latest author interviews and a query letter showcase to help you on your path to publication.

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Maddison’s Blog

Whoo Hoo! The Devilish Duke is Available!!

Yay! It’s RELEASE DAY!! My book baby is finally out in the world… Surreal is the only word that comes to mind!!

Paperback Giveaway

As an exclusive for my Newsletter Subscribers I am giving away a signed copy of The Devilish Duke!

OMG My Book Babies Have Arrived!

Watch as I unbox my Book Babies!

The Submission Process and the Synopsis

Today on my blog I discuss the submission package and some DOs and DON’Ts of synopsis writing!

Author Interviews

Interview with Amanda Knight

Today I interview the amazing Amanda Knight, who shares her Path to Publication!!

Interview with Negeen Papehn

Today I chat with the fantastic Negeen Papehn, debut author of ‘Forbidden by Faith’ which releases today!

Interview with Michelle Somers

I chat with the lovely Michelle Somers about her Path to Publication!

Interview with Sara Ackerman

Sara Ackerman, debut author of ‘Island of sweet pies and soldiers’, shares with us, her path to publication!

Interview with Pamela Hart

Pamela Hart shares her Path to Publication with us

Query Letters

Dianne Freeman’s Successful Twitter Pitch Query

Dianne Freeman shares her successful Twitter Pitch Query with us!

Negeen Papehn’s Successful Query Letter

Negeen shares with us her successful query letter that got her that coveted YES!

Successful Query Letter showcasing Sara Ackerman

Sara Ackerman shares her successful query letter with us!

Maddison’s Query Letter Success Story

I share my successful query letter with you


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