Resistance and Writing

Resistance… I don’t know about you but for some reason I find that when I hit a certain point in my current WIP (work in progress), and it’s usually somewhere between the 15,000 to 20,000 word mark, that for some reason I seem to do all I possibly can to NOT write!

It’s bizarre really; I’m so excited by the beginning stages of writing that I write like a bullet, with complete effortlessness and joy. But then I hit that unsweet spot and literally like clockwork, nothing. Instead of writing I seem to waste inordinate amounts of  time checking FaceBook, twitter, doing the dishes, cleaning up… pretty much whatever I can to get out of writing! Even though I still want to write my story, it’s like I come up against a solid brick wall and feel completely stuck. Once I can get over this beast, then the writing flows again, but actually getting past it is difficult (as many of my previously unfinished novels hitting the 15,000 word mark would attest to).

The definition of resistance is varied, but most define it as something akin to a refusal to accept or comply with something. Well let me tell you that my creativity and subconscious are certainly seeming to be stamping their mark and are refusing to comply with my self-imposed deadline and writing schedule. Now because I’m pitching at the upcoming RWA conference in August I MUST have this second book of mine completed. It certainly won’t be polished but I can work on that after the pitch!!  However to get it finished I have to write 10,000 words each week leading up to the August conference – any less than this and my WIP simply won’t be finished. So I really do need to nip this resistance thing in the bud.

Now how do I do that? How does a writer push through resistance, when it is clinging so desperately to them? I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way for myself to budge this beast is to literally place my backside in my chair, turn on my current WIP music playlist, open up Scrivener and simply write. I anticipate a lot of editing needed but as the great Nora Roberts said ‘I can edit a bad page, I cannot edit a blank one’.  So I am off to write, and regardless of how strong this unruly and stubborn resistance beast is, I will beat it into submission!!

PS I do know this post is also a way of NOT writing my WIP!! But writing (even when it’s not fiction) truly helps to knock down resistance and get your subconscious into a more creative and receptive space to work on your fiction. Give it a try 🙂

Have fun writing!




Writing and Rebounding

Well today I’ve been hard at work working on my latest WIP and I’ve got to say that sitting in a chair for hours on end is just not great on the back!! As I was making yet another cup of tea I was hit with inspiration… pull out my Bellicon rebounder from the garage and take it up to my writing room. With it there I can set my timer and for every 25 minutes of writing I completed I would then jump on my rebounder and have a bounce for 5 minutes!

Brilliant! I get to write and get in some exercise too, all without having to leave my writing room and the creative flow. And I’ve got to tell you I felt fantastic after a day of writing! So I highly recommend getting yourself some form of portable exercise equipment (be it an exercise bike, rebounder, gym ball, trx etc) and set it up right near where you’re working, then set a timer and off you go. Writing & rebounding… a match made in heaven!

My Current WIP


I am so excited with my current work in progress ‘The Bachelor Bounty‘! It’s a lot darker and grittier than my previous work, plus my heroine is highly unusual for Victorian standards… Lady Kaitlyn Montrose is a woman who is as proficient in her knife skills as she is deficient in her needlework!

I just love unusual and eccentric heroines, don’t you?