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Scrivener for iPad is nearly here!

I am sooooo excited that Scrivener for iPad is finally being released on the 20th July!

I have been waiting for an iPad version for years, so to say I am counting the sleeps until its release (it’s 3 sleeps btw, lol) is an understatement. I’ve dabbled with Scrivener over the years and unfortunately as I started several of my novels in Word I stuck to that program to finish them off. However, I vowed that with my next new book I started, I would use Scrivener from the get go though to the final compilation of the novel. So with my new novel that I am currently working on ‘The Bachelor Bounty’ I have used Scrivener right from the initial brainstorming period, to the outlining, character development, the writing itself, and finally through to the editing and compiling. I had read several other authors say that once you used Scrivener fully from start to finish of a novel there would be no going back. Can I say, this is absolutely true! It is a fantastic piece of software and if you haven’t tried it, you really must (particularly now with the iPad version days away from release). I myself will never go back to any other program, it is that great (I’m not being paid nor am I an affiliate with the company either). So do yourself a favour and the next writing project you start, download your free trial of Scrivener and give it a go. You will not be disappointed I promise!



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