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Why I’ve fallen in love with my Mac all over again!

I love my mac. Yes, I know, I’m one of those people that swear once you use a Mac you’ll never go back… But honestly it’s true!! lol. Seriously, though I have used a macbook now for about seven years and until today I didn’t really understand the full capacities of what wonderful built in programs and functions the OS came with. Today I discovered the built in dictation program… OMG mind blown… Coming from a PC perspective, anything to do with dictation meant having to purchase Dragon dictation software and would cost a lot of dollars, so to think that Mac simply has the dictation software already build into it’s OS system, that can be used in pretty much any writing program (it works in Scrivener too, whoo hoo!) had been something I’d never really considered. I’m actually writing this post of mine using the dictation software, there’s been a few little errors like when I said the word writing it actually wrote brushing, but apart from a few typos so far it’s been perfect!

Mac dictation

I’m actually quite excited to see how it goes using it to dictate my novel, or at least parts of my novel, using the software itself. Because as we all know, we can think and say things a lot faster than we can write them out (sometimes to our detriment, lol). Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fairly fast typist, but I’m an even faster speaker, as my family will attest to, so if I do get the hang of dictating, I’m hoping it will increase my word count!

How about you? Did you know about the built in dictation software for the mac? And if you did I’d love to hear your experience in using it – has it saved time? Has it sped up your daily writing word count? Let me know 🙂

If you are like me and did not know about this feature, Apple have a great ‘how to’ on setting it up  – click here


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