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Writing and Rebounding

Well today I’ve been hard at work working on my latest WIP and I’ve got to say that sitting in a chair for hours on end is just not great on the back!! As I was making yet another cup of tea I was hit with inspiration… pull out my Bellicon rebounder from the garage and take it up to my writing room. With it there I can set my timer and for every 25 minutes of writing I completed I would then jump on my rebounder and have a bounce for 5 minutes!

Brilliant! I get to write and get in some exercise too, all without having to leave my writing room and the creative flow. And I’ve got to tell you I felt fantastic after a day of writing! So I highly recommend getting yourself some form of portable exercise equipment (be it an exercise bike, rebounder, gym ball, trx etc) and set it up right near where you’re working, then set a timer and off you go. Writing & rebounding… a match made in heaven!


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