Query Letter Showcase

I am thrilled that so many wonderful author’s have generously agreed to share their own successful query letters on my blog, for you to read! When I myself, began actively looking for an agent, I scoured the internet for anything related to query letters, and I was particularly hoping to see some actual examples of successful query letter (I’m a visual learner, so anything written really helps me a lot). Thankfully there were some examples out there, which did help me to get a better understanding of what worked in a query letter and what didn’t – though most were rather old.

However, armed with what I’d discovered, along with some guidance I found through doing a few query letter courses, I was able to write a successful query letter that got me a combination of 25 full and partial manuscript requests, and ultimately led to 4 offers of representation from US literary agents. To say I was ecstatic with the results I got, is an understatement!┬áSo, as part of my commitment to help others, I thought I would be really cool to showcase and share on my blog, successful query letters from a range of authors, that led to them getting their own YES. To kick things off, I will share my own query letter and the story (hard work) behind it, lol.

Successful Query Letters:

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