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The Marine’s Secret Daughter

by Carrie Nichols

She has his eyes. Her mother has his heart. 

Years have passed since marine sergeant Riley Cooper last held his best friend’s sister in his arms. Bound for Afghanistan, he believed walking away from Meg McBride was the kindest thing he could do. Now that he’s home, he doesn’t blame Meggie for hating him. But she hasn’t told him everything. And he hasn’t met the little red-haired girl whose gray eyes so resemble his own…

This book was thoroughly enjoyable. The pace was great, the dialogue was fun and there was fabulous chemistry between the two main characters Riley and Meg. The characters themselves were believable and very likable. Riley was dealing with a difficult past and recent trauma from his tour in Afghanistan and Meg was dealing with very real struggles that a single mother would, and together they were perfectly matched. It really was a delightful story, and the writer Carrie Nichols, has such an effortless writing style, I was pulled into the story instantly. This is a wonderful debut and I am looking forward to reading more from this talented writer!

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